Throughout Hakan’s Brand Strategy portfolio, there are four consultancy approaches: (1) Genuine Brand Strategies, (2) Leading Strategic Projects, (3) Consulting for Ongoing Branding Activities and (4) Advertising Strategies for Ad Agencies. The major outcome is always the same for GENUINE STRATEGIES UK: “Return-on-Branding”.


Today TURKISH AIRLINES is one of the most reputable airlines in the world with its hospitality, service and destination portfolio as a global network airline.

In 2006, TURKISH AIRLINES determined a sound vision for being a global network and designated a new agency after a pitch. Hakan, as the Head of Strategy of the new advertising agency (Art Group Istanbul), led the agency’s strategy team and finally Art Group Istanbul came up with a genuine strategy named “Feel Like a Star”. The new brand strategy of TURKISH AIRLINES was a concrete example for a Genuine Strategy as it manifests Turkish Hospitality and Turkish Cuisine which are the most significant discriminators proven by the global researches in the airline business. This strategy positioned TURKISH AIRLINES as a brand which makes its passengers very well hosted, in other words, make them feel like a star.

This project was a “Genuine Brand Strategy” preparation in 2006 and afterwards between 2006-2009, “Consulting for Ongoing Branding Activities”.

Turkish Airlines TVC with KevinCostner (2009)

COLIN’S: Style Enabler

COLIN’S is a semi-global Turkish jean brand mostly effective in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, other Eastern Europe countries, MENA, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkic republics in Asia.

COLIN’S is a particular reference in Hakan’s portfolio, since Hakan has been consulting regularly and continuously COLIN’S for a remarkable time, since 2010. In the very beginning of his work in COLIN’S, Hakan completed a Genuine Brand Strategy report for COLIN’S and in this study, he positioned brand as a “Style Enabler” according to the market research outcomes. In these researches, there was a significant up-and-coming insight of the youngsters that showed an intention of caring their own style instead of fashion designers and brands. In 2010, COLIN’S decided heading to a new destination of being a “Style Enabler”. That was a pivotal moment as COLIN’S was one of the few brands taking this insight into account and KARPAT Agency created remarkable advertising concepts on-the-brand-strategy.

COLIN’S TVC with Taylor Marie-Hill and Cagatay Ulusoy

This project was a Genuine Brand Strategy realisation in 2010 and Hakan has still been giving a continuous consultancy service to COLIN’S for “Consulting for Ongoing Branding Activities” in all strategic markets.

MUTLU BATTERY: Heros Never Run Out Of Energy
In 2016 and 2017, Hakan worked for MUTLU Car Battery for preparing a “Genuine Brand Strategy”. After the brand book has been completed, Hakan created a brand communication concept for strategic markets, Russia and United Kingdom. The campaign concept was HEROES NEVER RUN OUT OF ENERGY and JUSTICE LEAGUE’s cartoon celebrities were used in the campaign. That was found as a unique, novel and distinctive campaign in battery industry.

This project was a “Genuine Brand Strategy” realisation in 2016 and 2017.


DELIGHTLAND: A Country Brand in Confectionery Business
Imagine a “Brand Strategy” that depends on the most important category code which finally becomes a brand idea.

DELIGHTLAND was such a brand idea that fits the above criteria. Hakan wrote DELIGHTLAND concept for Turkish Exporters’ Assembly – Confectionery Promotion Group. In other words, Hakan positioned Brand Turkey in confectionery business as DELIGHTLAND. This brand concept became a Brand Narrative throughout all international fairs between 2014-2017.


DELIGHTLAND was also a fertile Brand Idea as many sub-concepts could have been created throughout this global campaign, such as “Master of Delightland” for defining confectionery chefs of Turkey and “Best of Delightland” for defining confectionery products of Turkey.

DELIGHTLAND magazine was distributed to the visitors of Turkish Confectionery Promotion Group’s stands in the global fairs.

This project was a “Genuine Brand Strategy” realisation in 2014 and afterwards “Consulting for Ongoing Branding Activities”.

YATSAN: If You Sleep Well
YATSAN is a Turkish bedding company. Hakan wrote Brand Strategy of Yatsan and after the strategy was approved by board of management, he created the brand communication campaign too.

His brand Idea was “If You Sleep Well” and the story around it was narrated according to this conditional statement, claiming “if ones sleeps well, he or she feels well during the day”.


TVC jingle lyrics: If you do not worry about anything / If you just leave the problems out of the bedroom / If you just jump into the sweet dreams and a happy tomorrow / If you sleep well / And if you wake up happy / If you sleep well, you feel well / A beautiful YATSAN.

Hakan also created the brand communication concept for YATSAN on this strategy. Hakan also wrote the lyrics of jingles.

The brand communication idea he created was based on the “meaning resemblance” between the brand name and an expression in Turkish. The brand name YATSAN is a combination of the words “Sleeping” and “Industry” in Turkish. However, “yatsan” also is a conditional statement in Turkish literally meaning “if you sleep”. Hakan added just one word to this nice coincidence and improved it to “Güzel Bir Yatsan” which means “if you sleep well. On the other hand, “Güzel Bir Yatsan” also means “A Beautiful Yatsan” as an adjective clause. So, communication idea was “Güzel Bir Yatsan” as a conditional statement for brand narrative (If you sleep well) and a adjective clause for the motto (A Beautiful Yatsan).


TVC jingle lyrics: The most comfortable bed is your cuddle / And the most beautiful pillow is your shoulder, mummy / Your embracing arms are my quilt / Your are the best, mummy, My sweet mummy, mummy

This project was a “Genuine Brand Strategy” and an advertising campaign realisation in 2017 and 2018.

VAKIFBANK: The Understanding Bank
VAKIFBANK is the second biggest governmental bank of Turkey. In 2010, VAKIFBANK aimed at a new brand strategy which will possess a higher customer-oriented identity and decided to work with Hakan.

Hakan accomplished a unique, plain, insight-oriented and distinctive brand identity for VAKIFBANK: The Understanding Bank (Anlayan Banka in Turkish). That was a genuine strategy for VAKIFBANK.

VAKIFBANK started an advertising pitch with Hakan’s Brand Strategy and ALAADDIN Advertising Agency commenced to work with an Advertising concept which was fully on-the-brand-strategy. The concept was “Halden Anlayan Banka” in Turkish which literally means “Understanding Bank that also shows sympathy”.

This was a project base work for Hakan and he accomplished a “Genuine Brand Strategy” for VAKIFBANK in 2010.

Here are some brand campaign TVCs after the brand strategy approved and implemented by VAKIFBANK.


Hakan consulted EFOR (Azercell’s business adviser) in Leading a Strategic Project for Azercell which is Azerbaijan’s Leading GSM Network. The project was Azercell’s rebranding campaign and Hakan consulted EFOR Team in managing to respond all complexities during the re-branding process. Because of the size and pace of Azercell and the type of complexities, this project was “A Strategic Project”.

The project was accomplished in 2018 and 2019 and the launch of re-branding was made in June, 2019.


Hakan worked in 2019 for ASAŞ which is one of the leading aluminium producer of Turkey. He completed Brand Strategy of ASAŞ monolithic brand and the brand architecture of the brands that belong to ASAŞ main brand.

Hakan worked for ASAS in 2019, only in accomplishing a genuine brand strategy for ASAŞ and its endorsed brands and brand communication started after this process.

TVC of ASASPEN Advertising Campaign.

Hakan worked for Russian mighty energy supplier LUKOIL in 2016. Hakan’s duty was to consult LUKOIL Turkey’s C-level in finding a strategic path for company’s future. Hakan used “Leading Strategic Project” techniques and consulted a wide range of top professionals steering company to the future.

In large-scale and/or complex cases which brands need a delicate strategic approach, as LUKOIL project needed, GENUINE STRATEGIES UK creates remarkable solutions. In these sort of strategic cases, size, pace, risks, barriers and opportunities of the project must be handled delicately and the necessary responds must be determined according to the needs of the strategy.

ISTANBUL 2020″ Olympic Games Candidate City Brand Strategy
Hakan worked as Head of Brand Strategy of SAGA Team that operated the overall process of Istanbul 2020 Olympic Games Candidate City preparations.


Hakan consulted YAPI KREDI BANK UNICREDIT (Turkey) with for Ongoing Branding Activities” in Turkey between 2014-2019.

Hakan worked with YAPI KREDI’s Brand Management department in terms of studying brand tracks throughout an econometric model specifically designed by YAPI KREDI and report his determinations to deputy general manager and brand director.

KIDS & TEENS by ALFEMO Furniture
KIDS & TEENS is the youth brand of ALFEMO furniture company of Turkey.

Hakan wrote Brand Strategy of KIDS & TEENS and after the strategy approved by board of management, he also created the brand communication campaign too.


Hakan’s Brand Idea for KIDS & TEENS was an insight oriented proposal for youngsters: “I’m of good cheer in my room”.

Brand management of KIDS & TEENS wanted to reflect Hakan’s Brand Idea into the advertising campaign and Hakan wrote the lyrics of jingle derived from the Brand Narrative as you can listen in TVC below:

In my room, I am fast asleep / In my room, I am peaceful / In my room, I’m of good cheer / In my room, I am happy / In my room, I have peace of mind / In my room, I am free / In my room KIDS&TEENS / You know it’s so famous / In my room KIDS&TEENS / You know it’s so famous / In my room KIDS&TEENS.

This was a project base work for Hakan and he accomplished a ” Genuine Brand Strategy” for KIDS&TEENS in 2018.

Hakan worked for ABDI IBRAHIM PHARMACEUTICALS which is the leading pharmaceutical company of Turkey. He consulted ABDI IBRAHIM in determining Brand Strategy for PROSPAN and A.I.D. product-brands in 2014 and 2015.

ALYAN FOOD: How Sweet ALYAN FOOD is a young and dynamic Gulf Region investment in confectionery business in Turkey. The investor’s vision is to create a new brand that will give a fresh sound to the industry.

Hakan started to work for ALYAN in 2019 and completed Brand Strategy of ALYAN FOOD monolithic brand and the brand architecture of the brands that belong to ALYAN main brand. The Brand idea of ALYAN FOOD is “How Sweet”

Hakan has currently been working for ALYAN FOOD in Consulting for Ongoing Branding Activities.


HAVELSAN is a corporation owned by and affiliated to the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and is one of the leading technology firms of Turkey. Hakan consulted HAVELSAN in order to establish its’ new Brand Identity and Brand Architecture in 2019.

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