A City Branding Approach to the Queen of Cities, Istanbul. (Blink#10) Istanbul is the City of Sea

Prince Islands of Istanbul

Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul:

Istanbul is the City of Sea. 

Istanbul is surrounded by Marmara Sea and Black Sea and the great Bosphorus where is a real geological miracle. The Bosphorus is a stunning waterway that carries fresh water between Marmara Sea and Black Sea. Despite the inhabitants of The City take it very usual, the visitors of Istanbul relish The Marmara Sea and The Bosphorus in daily bases. It’s also very much convenient to travel by boat from one district to another. In this regard, Prince Islands are one of the unique places in Istanbul where you can be in and out of The City at the same time. The name of the Prince Islands comes from the Byzantium time since the exiled princes lived the last days of their life on these islands. Prince Islands are also where the visitors feel oxygen of the beautiful forests of the islands and the smell of the sea surrounding them together. I fee very much privileged of being born on Prince Islands. Yet, traveling in Istanbul throughout the Bosphorus viewing European and Asian costs at the same time is a great experience too. If someone spends the whole day in a boat, he or she will never be bored in Istanbul. Thus, we can easily say to the visitors of Istanbul: “See the Sea.”

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