A City Branding Approach to the Queen of Cities, Istanbul. (Blink#7) The 3 C’s of Istanbul: Continuity, Convenience and Communication.

1. Istanbul is The City of “Continuity”.

Istanbul has a continuous life and is a twenty-four-hour city where it’s possible to find everything you need at any time. You can’t see an empty high street in Istanbul’s main districts where “The City” lives without an interruption. This continuity makes Istanbul a charming city not only in warm summer days and nights but also in severe weather conditions, so that freely from any exterior reason The City always continuously live in a twenty-four-hour base. A never-ending life goes on in Istanbul that is truly different from any other peer of Istanbul. You may not find a public transportation at 03.00 am in the morning but easily can find a taxi if you want to eat something outside and get back to your hotel. This is possible in Istanbul. Istanbul is also The City of “Possible”.

2. Istanbul is The City of “Convenience”.

Istanbul has always been geographically an important hub. Today Turkish Airlines that is flying to the largest number of countries in the world and mighty Istanbul Airport that is positioned as the meeting point of the world, have significant role in this aspect. Turkish Airlines, which I worked for its’ branding strategies between the years 2006 and 2009, possess very strong aspects in line with Istanbul such as Hospitality and Cuisine. The mightiness of new Istanbul Airport is also in line with the mightiness of Istanbul. When Istanbul Metro show the people to the door of the plane, the convenience rate of Istanbul will come up to more sufficient level. Istanbul is the nominee of being a meeting point for the people of the world as it was in the history. Istanbul is where Europe and Asia meet in particularly such a time of Asia’s rise with China, Japan, Korea, India, Russia, and many up-and-coming countries from South-East Asia. When we add Middle East and North Africa, not only will it be a hub for beyond flights but also a centre of attraction for nearly six-billions people living in this zone.

3. Istanbul is The City of “Communication”.

People of Istanbul are very much talkative. This eases the tourists’ life in terms of communication. With my humble observations derived from my personal experience in different cities from all around the world, I can clearly say Istanbul is the easiest city of which people are intended to understand the foreigners.

In every corner of Istanbul, tourists can find a solution generator for themselves and their needs or expectations. The main aspect of this is because Turks like to talk, and hospitality is a national characteristic that also can be found in Istanbul even if it’s a cosmopolitan city. Thus language never becomes a barrier in Istanbul as the people mostly are helpful in order to solve tourists’ enquiries, although they do not know the tourists’ native languages. People of Istanbul always intend to communicate with either whatever level they have of the foreign language they try to speak or a basic sign language. Consequently, this makes Istanbul an enabler.

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Brand Strategist.

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