A City Branding Approach to the Queen of Cities, Istanbul. (Blink#2) THE CITY

Istanbul: The City.

Istanbul, a city with more than two thousand years old heritage, had many names throughout the history such as Byzantion, Constantinople and finally Istanbul. But the most significant description for Istanbul was, in fact still is, The Queen Of Cities. This was, and is a kind of expression positioning Istanbul completely in a particular status over all cities of all times. Istanbul was and is always a living global city with many significant differences that created Istanbul as a global brand.

There is a historical reality is that, Istanbul was called simply “The City” as known “Poli” in Greek. The original name of Istanbul was Constantinople (Constantinopoli) meaning The City of Constantine as it refers to its’ founder, the great Roman emperor Constantine. But this city was most probably the luckiest city of all times with its’ unique geographical position being on both continent, Asia and Europe and it’s up-and-coming establishment erupted by time and Constantinople was improved and become a centre of the world in the Eastern Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire time. And particularly when it was the capital city of Eastern Roman Empire, it was shortly named with a scholastic way as “Poli” meaning “The City” in Greek. This naming indicates the confidence of this city as “Poli” generically meant the name of the biggest city in the world as the people know it. This says many things for the Brand Identity of Istanbul as it was always very much confident.

So what does “having two expressions for Istanbul rather than an original name” mean to us? How do we read “The City” and “Queen of the Cities” in terms of writing about the branding advantages of Istanbul?

It is also a cutting-edge city which has confronted different challenges in the time of troubles as separating from Rome and being an significant empire, political rebellions, Fourth Crusade and finally the fall of Constantinople into the Turks’ hands and become a Turkish capital city called Istanbul.

Keeping in mind Istanbul’s pre-Roman time is very much interesting, this city has 3 major governmental phases: Eastern Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey.

The historical voyage of Istanbul, created great differentiation points that recreated a rich content for “The City.” So, the key question is that, how can we use this content in terms of making Istanbul a strong global city brand?

Published by HAKAN SENBİR

Brand Strategist.

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